14+ Best Cordless Vacuums for Hardwood Floors (2021), Expert Reviews.

best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors
best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

Pushing a heavy canister vacuum around the hardwood floor from room to room while constantly plugging and unplugging a power cable into different wall sockets so that you can suck up those tiny particles.

well, I think you’ll agree with me that vacuuming while a necessary chore, is not one that many really enjoy performing.

With the right tool even this seemingly mundane task can become a pleasure and one that is super easy to do.

When you are buying a vacuum you have hundreds of models to choose from and narrowing down the field can be a harrowing prospect. We have tested and put in hundreds of hours of blood, sweat, and tears over the past few years in Our Miniwick Cleaning Lab, looking for the best of the breed.

This guide will give you my top 12 choices for the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors. Among those, I recommend Dyson V11 Torque as our premium pick for best cordless vacuums for wood floors on the market.

Detailed Reviews for Best Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floors.

1.Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Premium Pick

  • 1 detachable batteries with 60 mins run time.
  • Automatically adapts suction and power to deep clean different floor types, dirt and debris.
  • Advanced whole-machine filtration traps 99.99% of particles, dust and allergens as small as 0.3 microns.
  • LCD screen to show current performance, including selected power mode, remaining run time etc,.
  • Drop-in docking.

Dyson is one of the first names that come to mind when you think of the best cordless vacuums. It is, therefore, no surprise to see them top this list with their powerful Dyson V11.

The best stick vacuum for hardwood floors out there, it cleans your hardwood floors even better than many vacuum cleaners with a cord. And when placed side by side with cordless cleaners, it easily brushes them aside with a suction power that is twice what others can offer.

Features and Benefits

Intilligent Suction Optimization: What more? The suction system adjusts automatically. In case your home combine carpets or bares floors with hardwood floors, this vacuum cleaner optimizes perfectly to give you a 100 percent cleaning of dirt and debris particles.

In the Dyson V11, you have an innovative cordless vacuum cleaner that gets rid of all particles, including hairs for pet owners.

LCD Screen: It is super smart with its LCD screen which puts you in complete control and lets you easily switch among Eco, auto and boost modes when cleaning.

You will conveniently monitor battery level, and it alerts you whenever there is a maintenance issue you need to take care of.

60 Minutes Runtime: You don’t have to interrupt cleaning halfway into it. That’s because the battery life is long-lasting. It boasts of keeping up for up to 60 minutes of cleaning.

Easily Transforms into Handheld: You can convert this powerful cleaner into a handheld vacuum for more convenient cleaning. Storing is also effortless with its drop-in docking station.

Value for Money: Dyson V11 cordless vacuum cleaner is the most expensive cordless cleaner on our list, pretty well above the price of an average Hoover Linx.

But who cares since it is the vacuum cleaner you are going to need. It is a good value for money. That is considering it is still going to be in service when you may have to buy others multiple times.

Easy to Empty Dust Cup: Emptying a vacuum cleaner does not have to generate a fuss. And this cordless vacuum cleaner shows an excellent example in that regard. With a tab that you can push and pull, you can open and close the lid to get the dirt out.

Comes With Various Attachments: The package also includes numerous attachments that will be useful for cleaning your home and cars. They have a crevice tool, dusting brushes and a mini-motorized tool. This is one vacuum that will give you amazing value for money and serve you for many years.

Key Specifications:

Weight 6.68 pounds.
Runtime 60 minutes.
Warranty 2 years.
HEPA Filter Included.

Included Components: Combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorized tool, stiff bristle brush, mini soft dusting brush, wand storage clip and charger.

Best For Cleaning: Everything.

2. Tineco Pure ONE S11 Tango Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum

best pick #1

  • 1 detachable batteries with 40 mins run time.
  • Automatic suction adaption and deep cleaning dirt and debris  with smart iLoop Tech.
  • 2 Power brushes for different floor styles & carpets.
  • Upgraded soft-roller brush for hard floors.
  • LED display cleaning performance.

Looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner that brings a lot of conveniences? Then, the Tineco Pure ONE S11 is for you. This may not bring as much power as the Dyson V11, but it beats it as far as convenience is concerned and is better than your old Hoover Linx.

Features and Benefits

With a 130W suction power and a battery life that lasts up to 40 minutes, you have enough energy and run time to get rid of dirt and other debris particles on your hardwood floor.

This is further assisted using iLOOP technology, which detects and eliminates unseen dirt or debris.

Although the battery lasts as long as 40 minutes, you can get even more minutes from this vacuum cleaner since the battery can be detached and replaced with another one. You won’t get this feature with cordless cleaners that are built-in.

This cord-free vacuum cleaner also incorporates a headlight that helps you concentrate on the parts of the home with dirt particles.

The weight balance allows you to move it around quickly on your hardwood floor, while the power switch has a locking function that saves you the time and energy for continuous squeezing of the trigger.

Not many cordless vacuums for hardwood floors can boast of the smartness this one brings. You can clean your hardwood floors with ultimate confidence since the Tineco Pure ONE S11 Tango has a suction system that adjusts automatically and in real-time.

Cleaning your hardwood without noise just got easier. The motor, although powerful, is super quiet. Also, this cordless vacuum comes with 2 in 1 power brushes that work well for cleaning hardwood floors and carpets.

With Tineco app and LED screen, you can adjust and monitor suction system, battery level, maintenance issues and overall cleaning performance.

In case you have unusual positions where other vacuum cleaners cannot get to, this powerful cleaner from Tineco allows easy conversion to a handheld cleaner that gets debris and dirt from tight corners and crevices that are hard to reach.

Key Specifications:

Weight 14.98 pounds.
Runtime 40 minutes.
Warranty 2 years.
HEPA Filter Included.
Dustbin 0.6L

Included Components: 2 Power brush head for hard floors and carpets, 2-in-1 brush; Crevice tool; Adapter; Rechargeable, detachable battery; Washable, rinseable filter.

Best For Cleaning: hardwood floors, bare floors, pet hairs, carpets, counter tops and vehicle interiors.

The answer to ‘What is the best cordless vacuum cleaner?’ is definitely Tineco Pure ONE S11 Tango Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum because it is one of the top rated cordless vacuums in this business. The run time is excellent, it’s lightweight, and the suction is also quite powerful. Moreover, you also get additional accessories with this one including a crevice tool, 2-in-1 brush, 2 Power brush head for hard floors and carpets.

3.NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet and Hardwood Floors

Budget Pick #1 

  • Upgraded and Long-lasting 7-Cell Lithium Battery.
  • 5 Phase High Efficiency Filtration System.
  • Innovative and Intelligent LED Touch Screen Display.
  • 180° Rotatable Brush Head with LED Lights.
  •  Easy to Store.

The second NEQUARE cordless vacuum that makes our list is a powerful cleaner that gives you up to 23,000pa of suction. Not just that. It is powered by a super strong 280W brushless motor that gives you a highly efficient 100,000rpm.

That makes it one of the best cordless vacuums and most powerful out there for your hardwood floors. No matter the kind of particles the dirt on your floor is made of, pet hair, dust or bigger particles, this suction system would pick them up.

Features and Benefits

This vacuum cleaner boasts of a system that traps in 99.9% of particles from your hardwood floor including bacteria and pollen. It comes with a debris collector that houses everything thoroughly, and it does all that without disturbing your ears at just 55dB.

Since this powerful vac cordless cleaner gives you the option of choosing from up to 9 suction gears, you need a convenient way of switching them. And you have just that with its smart touch screen LED display.

The run time of this vacuum cleaner is 30 minutes. Powered by a detachable 2200mAh lithium battery, it gives you enough time to clean every part of the house.

Since the battery has a separate charging function, you can plug it in while you switch in an extra battery for more time. That means you may earn 30 extra minutes of cleaning in case the house is huge.

When in operation, you have LED lights on the perfectly rotatable head that puts you in control. And when you are not using it, you can store it conveniently.

Key Specifications:

Weight 2.5 pounds.
Runtime 30 minutes.
Warranty 1 year.
HEPA Filter Advanced Multi-cyclonic Filtration System.

Best Suitable for: Pet Hairs, Hardwood Floors, Fresh Air.

See Also:

4. Hoover Linx BH50020PC Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

also good(moderately priced)


  • Lightweight & Versatile.
  • Fade Free Lithium Ion Battery.
  • Fingertip Control.
  • Upto 30 minutes runtime.
  • Multi Deep Floor Cleaning.
  • 2 years warranty.

Hoover Linx is another name that ranks very high among manufacturers of vacuum cleaners. It is even better considering they make powerful cordless vacuums for hardwood floors that are super friendly for your pockets.

That is why this product makes it to number 4 on this list and the most recommended for you if you’re on a tight budget. This is the best cordless stick vacuum for hard floors as far the cost is concerned.

Features and Benefits

One feature that stands this cleaner out as one of the best cordless vacuums is the moderate price tag. It will be yours with just a few dollars above a hundred.

Discrediting this vacuum cleaner on account of its low price is a mistake you’d not like that you made. That is because it packs extraordinary power.

The Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a much-improved fade free Lithium-ion battery. This guarantees you have a powerful vacuum cleaner that lasts as much as 30 minutes.

The battery does not offer as much as what you would get with some cleaners like the Dyson V11. But you will not need as much time, since it has an engine that gets everywhere clean in very little time.

Another advantage it has over the Dyson V11 is that it is lightweight. You won’t get weary from cleaning every corner of your home with this vacuum cleaner.

It is even better since you can transform this into a handheld. Speaking of one-of-a-kind versatility, you can use the Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner alongside different brush types for cleaning hard to reach places.

Emptying the collection bin is another aspect that packs much easy. Plus, you can store this cordless vacuum cleaner without any hassle after usage.

Best For Cleaning: hardwood floors, bare floors, carpets, counter tops and vehicle interiors.

5. Proscenic P10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors

also good

  • 22000 Pa Powerful Suction which easily picks up pets hair, dirt and fine dust from hard floors and carpets.
  • Multi-functional brushes: With 4 different types of cleaning tools to clean every corner.
  • LCD touch screen to check the battery level, error codes and suction modes.
  • 4 Stages MSF Cyclone Filtration System.

The Proscenic P10 is one of the best and most powerful cord-free vacuum cleaners out there and on this rundown. When you buy this vacuum cleaner, you have a 22,000pa suction cleaner at your disposal.

This means it is powerful for even more laborious cleaning on your hardwood floor. This cordless vacuum cleaner is a fantastic option because of how excellent it performs on different floor types and in cleaning different particle types. These include carpets, tiles, hardwood floors, fur for pet owners, and bare floors.

Features and Benefits

The good news it cleans all these particles without getting affected in the process. The motor is brushless and rotates at 110,000 rpm, thereby offering more significant results above your conventional motor brush roll.

This vacuum cleaner offers ease and versatility with its highly functional four brushes. These attachments allow you to get to the hard to reach places in your home, including crevices. That’s because they can be turned and rotated to all sides.

The kit includes a smaller dusting brush that was designed for use on home and car furniture. They can also be used on beds, shelves, curtains and blinds since they allow for more exceptional control and are gentle on the surfaces.

You can get as much as 45 minutes of cleaning when operating this vacuum cleaner at the lowest rate. However, if you switch things up, the battery life will die off way faster in about 10 minutes(boosted mode).

Therefore, you may want to keep the power down if it would get the job done, and this may instantly earn you more time. You can also get around this downside easily by buying another battery. That means you can get more time from this powerful vacuum cleaner.

Proscenic P10 boasts of a highly efficient 4 stage HEPA filter system with a sponge and cyclone separation. This collects 99 percent of microscopic particles from your hardwood floor and carpet.

Finally, it has an LCD that lets you monitor the suction system, battery level and maintenance issues. The debris collector is easy to empty while all other components can also be washed.

Best Suitable for: Pet Hairs, Multiple Floor Types, Fresh Air.

6.MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum, Upgraded LED Floor Head for Hard Floor.

also good

  • Impressive Suction Power.
  • Outstanding 30 mins running time.
  • 4 Stages High-Efficiency Filtration System.
  • Lightweight & Versatile.
  •  Easy to Store.

MOOSOO may not be the first name that springs up to mind when considering the cordless vacuum cleaner to buy. However, this cordless vacuum from Moosoo does everything right considering it comes at a very affordable rate. 

Even when costs lesser than most of the vacuums on our list, it is one of the best cordless vacuums and most powerful cleaners to use on your hardwood floor. Indeed, many customers trust this product because it combines power, lightweight build and budget-friendliness.

Features and Benefits

The suction power can go as high as 23,000pa with a quite 200W operation for your cleaning operations. It boasts of a highly effective four-stage HEPA filtration that eliminates 99.99 percent of particles from your floor. 

Clean up your home for 30 minutes non-stop with its 2200mAh battery. This MOOSOO vacuum cleaner also works for shelves, furniture, and curtain.

You may want to consider other options on our list if you are a pet owner. This vacuum cleaner may not do well picking them up. Strands could also get stuck to the brush occasionally.

These are the only downsides for a cord-free vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and versatile. It comes with a LED light to help you monitor every corner during cleaning.

In this cleaner, MOOSOO has created powerful vacuums cordless cleaner for those who are on a tight spending budget

Best Suitable for: Hardwood Floors, Budget, Fresh Air

7. Shark ION F80 Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum with MultiFLEX

also good

  • Upto 80 minutes of total runtime with 2 batteries.
  • Multiflex technology enables convenient under furniture reach and freestanding.
  • Duoclean technology invented for fine dust and large debris on carpets and hard floors.
  • Lightweight & Versatile.
  • Transforms to a Hand Vacuum.

One of the reasons you have to love this Shark ION F80 is the extended run time it offers. It comes with a 2 in 1 battery pack that you can swap whenever the first one is down. This allows you to go on with your cleaning for 80 minutes.

Features and Benefits

You don’t have to bend yourself, just bend the vacuum cleaner. This lightweight cordless cleaner allows you to reach places that are typically hard to reach.

This is because it has a Multiflex technology that enables the cleaner to bend easily. 

The Multiflex technology of the Shark ION also allows for compact storage when not in use. With its 2 in 1 DuoClean technology, it is the only vacuum cleaner you would need in case your hardwood floor is combined with a carpet.

It is an excellent option for getting rid of particles such as dust and pet owners are not let out. It may also be converted into a hand vac for proven ease.

That is in addition to including a crevice tool that helps you clean tight corners and an upholstery tool for home and car furniture. 

This Shark ION vacuum cleaner does not pack a lot of smartness but who says it has to? It was designed to get the job done, and that is precisely what it does effortlessly.

Best Suitable for: Multiple Floor Types, Under Furniture, Pet Hairs.

8. Hikeren Cordless Vacuum with LED Lights for Home Hard Floor Car.

also good

  • Outstanding 35 mins of fade-free powerful suction.
  • High Efficiency Filtration System.
  • 2 Adjustable Speed Modes.
  • Lightweight &  LED Floor Head.
  • Transforms to a Hand Vacuum.

This cordless vacuum from Hikeren is the most affordable on our list. However, its 18,000pa suction power is an impressive one which guarantees an in-depth cleaning of your hardwood floors.

Features and Benefits

The 2500mAh lithium-ion battery power is highly impressive as well, giving you up to 35 minutes of cleaning when you’re not operating it at maximum capacity. Nevertheless, the 20 minutes of run time you get from using it at high capacity is enough to cover all areas of your hardwood floor.

Cleaning expert, Melissa Maker of Clean My Space says “most people don’t realize that the hot air that hits them in the face when they’re vacuuming is actually dirty air carrying tiny bits of allergens and dust.” 

This vacuum solves this problem with its HEPA filtration system that eliminates most microscopic particles and leaves the air free from dust and microscopic organisms that are as big as 0.1 microns.

Hikeren understands your need for cleaning different areas in your home. That is why this cordless vacuum cleaner can be converted to a hand vac.

Get access to unlimited versatility and flexibility with this product. The motor includes LED headlights that illuminate the area you are cleaning. And when you need to clean under the sofa or other areas that are difficult to reach, the rotatable 90 and 180° swivels allow you to achieve all that effortlessly. 

It has an easy rest feature that allows it to stand on its own without falling. Also, the ability of the handle to fold makes storage easy in minimal space.

Best Suitable for: Pet Hairs, Hardwood Floors, Budget, Fresh Air

9.Eureka Stylus Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

also good

The Eureka Stylus boasts of a very powerful 350W motor. This gives it a highly efficient suction system which cleans your hardwood floor flawlessly. Don’t fret if you have a hardwood floor that is combined with tile, bare floors or carpet; it does the same exceptional job on multiple surfaces.

Features and Benefits

Vacuum cordless cleaners pride on their battery life and this one ranks very high with a 45 minutes run time.

This lightweight vacuum cleaner has multiple floor cleaning modes that are easy to switch in-between for much-needed ease when cleaning around the house.

The build allows you get to areas that are hard to reach while the LED headlights illuminate the surrounding so that you know where to concentrate your efforts.

This sleek design also guarantees it stands resting on another surface without falling.

Another advantage of this cleaner’s design is how easy it lets you store it when not in use. An after every cleaning, you can quickly empty the dust bin without touching the mess with your hands.

It also comes with a crevice tool for cleaning tiny spaces and an upholstery tool for your furniture. While the design of this vacuum cleaner is top-notch, lightweight and grants ease, it has one of the best battery time as well.

Best Suitable for: Multiple Floor Types, Tiny Spaces, Furniture.

10.Shark IZ163H Rocket Pet Pro Cordless Vacuum with MultiFlex and Powerful Suction

also good

The Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless vacuum will give you a cleaning performance that is similar to what you’d get from other products on this list. This is on account of its powerful suction that eliminates debris and dust.

Features and Benefits

If you are one of the many pet owners and your pet adds to dirt and debris particles on your hardwood floor, this is one of the best cordless vacuums for hardwood floors and pet hair. It would get rid of everything in no time, and it leaves no trace behind.

The design incorporates a MultiFlex function that grants you access to the tight corners below furniture or closets. It has a transparent dust container that is very easy to empty. The LED lights built on the motor guarantee that no dirt or debris escapes you when cleaning.

This Shark cordless vacuum comes with a lithium-ion battery which runs for 40 minutes before needing another charging session. Therefore, this is a cordless vacuum cleaner that is powerful and affordable.

The HEPA filter ensures only clean air gets back into the room.

Also, this product can be converted to a handheld vacuum for curtains, shelves, and furniture.

Best Suitable for: Pet Hairs, Hardwood Floors, Under Furniture.

Which cordless stick vacuum cleaner to choose in 2021 for hardwood floors?

The Dyson V11, no doubt, stands out as the best cordless vacuum for wood floors. It is the most expensive on the list. However, you are certain that the performance is outstanding, and you may never have to buy another cleaner.

For something at a lower price tag, you should go for the Tineco Pure ONE S11 Tango. It gives you all the convenience in the world while offering many wonderful features.

Those on a very tight budget also have something for them in the NEQUARE cordless stick vacuum cleaner which also packs amazing power by the way.

All in all, any of the products you pick on the list guarantees you excellent quality floor cleaning. And you can be sure of having one of the best cordless stick vacuum for hardwood floors.

best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors
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