13+ Best Vacuums That Cost Less Than $100! (April 2021), Expert Reviews

best vacuum under 100
best vacuum under 100

best vacuum under 100

Do you know that a healthy body system starts from a clean and hygienic environment?

Lindsey Graham said in a quote that “…without a healthy environment of this earth, no matter how much money you make, no matter how wonderful you are, you have a bad disaster.”

This simply reflects why we all need to keep our environment clean and healthy.

The goal of this article is to help you to maintain a healthy environment and avoid bad disaster.

Of course, I understand how tedious it is trying to get the whole house clean with the routine practice of sweeping all the time. I mean, nobody does this anymore!

Vacuum cleaners will save time, stress, and, even money. However, the good thing is that there are some affordable options available as well. Let’s have a look at some of the best cheap vacuum cleaners for you:

Best Upright Vacuums Under 100

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Green, 2252

Best Upright #1

  • Large dirt cup.
  • Washable filters.
  • 25 feet cord.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Powerful pet hair pick up with triple action brush roll.
  • scatter free technology.
  • Remove pet hair with specialized pet tools.

If you are in search of the best cheap vacuum cleaner under 100 then Bissell 2252 is a good choice. The combination of multi cyclonic suction technology and efficient brushes makes it a versatile and efficient pet hair cleaner.

It’s an upright corded vacuum cleaner with a cord length of 25 feet that lets you clean small to big homes easily, as you do not have to stay by the outlet.

Features and Benefits

One Pass Technology: Pet hair, dirt and particles are often stuck in carpets and do not come off easily. However, with Bissell 2252’s unique brushes that are designed to deep clean carpets and pull off stuck pet hair from hardwood floors and carpets, you’ll have no such problem.

Cleaning Path: The thing that makes the One Pass feature more efficient is the 13.5 inches of cleaning radius offered by this best cheap vacuum cleaner. It sweeps off more debris, hair, and dirt in one go than most other vacuum cleaners.

Multi Cyclone Suction Power: The suction power of this vacuum cleaner is at par because it lets no dirt, particle or pet hair escape from hardwood floors and carpets. Moreover, it also traps dust and keeps it inside the filter until discharged.

Multi-Level Filtration: This bagless vacuum cleaner works on a multi level filtration system. It catches pet hair and both large and small debris.

You can also take out and wash the filters when you want to.

Ease Of Use: This is one of the best vacuums under $100 because of its usability. You can set 5 different heights while vacuuming. The maximum height you can set is 32 feet which is designed for taller people to use this vacuum cleaner easily.

Dirt Cup: There’s a 2L dirt cup in the vacuum that stores all the pet hair and other debris. It is quite easy to empty the dirt cup and wash it too.

Versatile Cleaning: This best affordable vacuum will let you clean multiple surfaces such as hardwood floors, tiles, upholstery, carpets and even vehicle interiors.

Clean Hard To Reach Places: The turbo brush that accompanies with this best budget vacuum lets you clean pet hair and other debris from hard to reach places.

Best Suitable For

Bare Floors, Carpet, Hard Floors, Low Pile Carpet, Stairs, Upholstery, Vehicle interiors.

When it comes to inexpensive vacuum cleaners, Bissell 2252 is the best affordable vacuum you can go for. It has powerful suction, sufficient cord length, large dirt cup, and good maneuverability. These pretty much cover everything that you need in a good cheap vacuum.

Eureka NEU182A PowerSpeed Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Budget Upright

  • 25 feet cord length.
  • 5 height settings.
  • Bagless technology.
  • XL Dust Cup.
  • Washable filters.
  • A 7-inch-long crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool help clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • Transparent cover on the brush to see any stuck debris or pet hair inside.

Eureka NEU182A makes it to the list of best inexpensive vacuum cleaners not just because it’s under $100 but because of the features it provides, especially the flexible and stretchable hose that makes the cleaning a breeze.

The unit is extremely lightweight and offers the best maneuverability to users. This best budget vacuum offers an extended reach so that you can clean roofs, ceilings, furniture tops, under furniture and all those hard to reach places very easily.

Features and Benefits

Multi Surface Brush Roll: The brush roll on this vacuum cleaner lets you clean pet hair and other particles from various surfaces such as floors, carpets, upholstery, rugs etc. This makes it one of the best inexpensive vacuum cleaners of today.

Extremely Lightweight: The lighter a vacuum cleaner is, the easier it is to maneuver it. This one weighs only 10 pounds and can be used by both the young and the old people easily.

Cleans Hard To Reach Places: This good cheap vacuum comes with a stretchable hose that offers 8 feet of reach to clean roofs, ceilings, drapes, under furniture and all the places that are hard to clean.

LED Headlights: This is of the few cheap vacuums to have LEDs on the brush head. By turning on the lights, you can suck up dirt and debris from dark corners, under beds, etc.

Dust Cup: This is the best vacuum for price because it comes equipped with a large dust cup that has a storage capacity of 4L.

Accessories: There aren’t many good vacuum cleaners on the market that come with free accessories. However, you will receive a pet turbo brush to extract stuck hair from carpets, hardwood floors, and bedding, a telescopic flexible crevice tool to clean for tighter places and a 2-in-1 upholstery tool as well.

Easy Switching: You don’t have to unscrew anything when adding accessories thanks to the quick release handle feature which lets you remove the handle and attach any accessory you want to use.

Best For Cleaning

Bare floors, carpet, hard floors, rugs, upholstery.

If you are on a lookout for the best vacuum cleaner under $100 then turning to Eureka NEU182A can be a good choice. It works on many surfaces, has good suction power, and also comes with many attachable tools for free.

If budget is your issue then this is the best vacuum for price under $100.

Bissell featherweight stick lightweight bagless vacuum with crevice tool, 2033M, Black

  • The vacuum cleaner is convenient and super easy to use.
  • It is versatile and can vacuum quickly with powerful suction.
  • Comes with a crevice tool and floor nozzle.
  •  Glides on hard floors, high or low carpet, stairs, and furniture.
  • Clears off pet hairs on any types of surface.
  • The power cord is 15-16 feet long with a 2 amp motor.

Do you need a vacuum cleaner with lightweight, portability, and maneuverability? This machine is a low budget cleaner with powerful suction and efficiency.

It is easy to convert the vacuum cleaner and use it on any surface or and stairs. The cleaner is compact with convenient disposable bagless cleaning technology.

Just that the featherweight lightweight stick vacuum does not come with a roller brush. However, there is an opening suction to pick up dust and small particles on hard floors.

As well, you may find the small size bag stressful because you will have to empty the content often.

However, filter placement is very great to prevent dust from coming up when removing the tank.

The vacuum cleaner is just good for the room, it is great for quick pick-up on hard floors and you will enjoy using it to clean spotty areas in the house.

You won’t have any problem picking up the dust balls, pet hairs, and even dry grass that find their way into the room. Once it spots dog sheds, it picks up efficiently and you can easily trash the cup by rinsing the filter cup and dry it off once.

For efficiency and comfort, the attachment can be easily switched for versatility.

It has the crevice tool stored at the end of the unit when it is not under usage.

Nothing changes if you are tall and you do not want to be bending over while vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner is adjustable by taking the roller part of the vacuum off and you can use the machine as a handheld.

The filter is reusable, so you do not need to replace it like the other random vacuum cleaner out there.

This vacuum cleaner is just perfect for your shag rug cleaning, especially when dealing with pet hair.

Best Canister Vacuums Under $100

Bissell Zing Canister Bagless Vacuum, 2156A

Best Bagless Canister

  • Dirt cup capacity 2 liters.
  • Cyclonic action and powerful suction.
  • Filters are washable and reusable.
  • Weight less than eight pounds.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Multi Surface Floor Tool for different floors.
  • Automatic Cord Rewind.
  • Easy Empty Dirt Cup.

Bissell zing is another best vacuum cleaner under $100 making it to our list economical vacuum cleaners. It can take care of pet hair and other particles from multiple surfaces including upholstery, rugs, tiles, hardwood floors etc.

You also get accessories such as a crevice and a brush tool to clean dry and stuck pet hair from carpets, floors etc.

Features and Benefits

Washable and Reusable Filters: This vacuum cleaner operates on cyclonic filtration and is capable of trapping 99.9% allergens found in dust and dirt. This is one of the best qualities of a vacuum cleaner because it is not only healthy for the pets but for you, too.

Powerful Motor: Bissell zing is a powerful vacuum cleaner thanks to its juggernaut of a motor. It is designed to suck in dirt, debris, and pet hair from carpets and hardwood floors like a pro.

Reaches Smaller Places: You can detach the wand of this vacuum cleaner and clean hard to reach places easily. This features makes it easier to clean places such as sofas, carpets, floors, furniture and upholstery.

Dust Container: The unit comes equipped with a dirt container which is transparent. This makes it easier for the user to know if the container is filled and should be emptied or if it has more storage room.

Washing this container is also a breeze and will cause no problems.

Accessories: Despite being an economical and an inexpensive vacuum cleaner, the company still offers free tools to the users so that they don’t have to spend extra bucks on anything.

You get an upholstery tool to clean the upholstery, a pet sofa brush to clean sofas, one floor brush to sweep dirt and pet hair from hardwood floors/carpets, a crevice nozzle/bristle brush to get rid of dust and dirt from and under furniture, and a multi angle brush to clean places that cannot be reached easily.

Suction Control: This lightweight canister vacuum cleaner offers good suction control. You can put it to max to conduct a powerful cleaning or keep it on low to save energy.

Auto Unwind Cord: It might not be a cordless vacuum cleaner but do not worry, you can unwind the 16.4 feet cord by simply pushing the cord button and the entire cord will sit into the storage compartment in a few seconds.

Easy To Use: The combination of a 360 degree moveable swivel hose and lightweightedness of this vacuum cleaner makes it a piece of cake to use this vacuum cleaner.

Best For Cleaning

hardwood floors, upholstery, rugs, Thick and thin carpets, furniture, tile floor, plush carpets, stairs and wood floor.

Bissell zing is one of the best canister vacuum cleaners on the market as it can catch airborne particles that are as small as 0.3mm in diameter.

Apart from that, it can sweep off pet hair, dirt and debris from hardwood floor, carpets, and many other surfaces.

Lastly, you also get many additional tools with the unit so it’s quite a budget friendly option.

Eureka 3670M Mighty Mite Canister Cleaner

Best Bagged Canister

  • Dirt cup capacity 2.5 liters.
  • Continuous, powerful suction for deep cleanings.
  • Multi-surface cleaning tools included.
  • Weight less than nine pounds.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Messy-free Dust Bag Replacement.
  • Convenient Cord Storage.

If looks are of importance to you then this product from Dirt Devil can be a good choice for you. Despite being an inexpensive vacuum, the manufacturer has put a lot of thought on making it an eye pleasing product by tattooing its body with crimson.

Features and Benefits

Convenient Cord Storage: Easy to stores the cord to prevent tangles..

Wide Nozzle: There’s a wide 11 inch nozzle on this vacuum cleaner that allows you to attach many free tools and clean multiple surfaces.

Long Reach: This cost friendly vacuum has a 20 feet cord that lets you clean small to medium homes quite easily.

Powerful Motor: A 10 amp motor is equipped into this canister vacuum. It offers amazing suction power and can help you get rid of pet hair, debris and particles quickly.

Dirt bag: There’s also a dirt bag inside this canister vacuum that stores all the pet hair and particles and is also easy to empty. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner alerts you when the bag is full.

Best For Cleaning: floors and low pile carpets.

If you are looking for a cheap canister vacuum cleaner under a price of $100 then this one will serve you good. It has an attractive design and 20 feet cord which provides good room to clean your home in one go.

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Best Cordless Vacuum Under 100

NEQUARE Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 18KPa Super Suction Pet Hair Eraser 4 in 1 Cordless Stick Vacuum

budget cordless

  • Lightweight & Versatile.
  • Easily transforms to a handheld vacuum for cleaning on the stairs.
  • Upto 35 minutes runtime in standard mode.
  • Deep Cleaning.
  • Easy emptying.

This cordless vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning pet hair from hardwood floors, carpets and many other surfaces as well.

It is one of the best vacuum cleaners you can get under 100 because it offers many features such as quality filtering, ability to stand upright on the floor. Plus, it also offers good suction.

Lastly, the battery of this cheap vacuum cleaner works for 35 minutes on single charge.

Features and Benefits

Glides Over Obstacles: This splendid cordless vacuum cleaner has the ability to pass over obstacles that come in the way. It can do this thanks to the flexible swivel head that glides over obstacles and performs a thorough cleaning.

Twin Filters: There is a twin filter system in this upright cordless vacuum that is designed to capture dirt, pet hair, and particles with great ease and prevents them from escaping back into the air.

2200 mAH Battery: There’s a 2200mAh battery in this cordless vacuum that creates 28.8V of suction power.

Run Time: This cordless vacuum cleaner is capable of running with powerful suction. You can operate it for 35 minutes straight in standard mode and the high-power mode lets you run it for 18 minutes only as it offers more suction.

Dust Bin: This vacuum cleaner has a 0.9L dustbin to keep the trapped hair and particles inside. You can easily detach it and empty the contents. Washing it is also quite easy.

Best For Cleaning

Pet hair, low pile carpets, hardwood floors, stairs, under furniture.

This is a versatile cordless vacuum cleaner that will take care of pet hair problem in your home no matter how big your home is as it can run for 35 minutes without any cords attached.

Best Handheld Vacuum Under $100

Shark Rocket Corded (HV 292) : Best Vacuum for Stairs

Best Corded Handheld

  • Portable and Ultra light weight (4 pounds).
  • TruePet Motorized Brush for wide & deep cleaning.
  • Ultra-quiet powerful suction.
  • 15 foot long power cord.
  • Powerful cleaning above floors, on stairs and in car interiors.
  • Washable filters.

Homeowners who hate to drag a heavy vacuum cleaner across their home can now bid farewell to their worries as Shark Rocket HV292 makes its entry. This handheld vacuum is meant to clean many surfaces such as floors, rugs, carpets, floors, upholstery and vehicle interiors as well.

Features and Benefits

Lightweight: The highlight of this handheld vacuum is its weight. Being only 4 pounds, this affordable vacuum cleaner puts no strain on your body even if you use it for a long period of time.

Pulling, lifting and carrying this handheld unit is not a problem at all. It’s a must have product for those who are always on the lookout for vacuum cleaners that are affordable and have good functionalities.

Easy To Use: The 15 feet long cord of this handheld vacuum helps you vacuum quite a vast area.

TruePet Motorized Brush: There’s a motorized brush on this handled vacuum that spins on intense motion and sucks every bit of debris, pet hair, and dirt.

Stretchable Hose: The stretchable hose of this vacuum makes it even easier to clean floors, carpets, and other areas in one shot. You won’t find a stretchable hose on a lot of handheld vacuums, especially the ones that are inexpensive such as this one.

Motor Power: A 400 watts motor is equipped in this handheld vacuum which is meant to suck in the most stubborn of stuck debris and hair from carpets.

Dust Cup Storage: There’s a release button on the front of the dust cup that lets you remove it easily.
Best For Cleaning:
Carpets, stairs, upholstery and rugs,.

This lightweight handheld vacuum is very easy to operate and also comes at a very good price.

BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum

Best Cordless Handheld

  • Bagless.
  • Lightweight – 3 pounds.
  • Crevice tool and upholstery tool included.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Cordless.

Features and Benefits

14.4V Lithium Ion Battery: This handheld vacuum runs for 20 minutes straight on a full battery. It’s not a lot of runtime but a smaller home will be cleaned easily.

Fast Recharging: The battery fully charges in only 8 hours. For your convenience, there’s an LED indicator that informs you when the battery is fully charged.

You also receive a plug and play charger along with the unit.

Ergonomic Handle: Handheld vacuums can cause you to feel tired and fatigued. However, this handheld vacuum has an ergonomic handle that eliminates this problem.

The ergonomic looped handle is carefully designed to provide ease and comfort when using the device.

Good Maneuverability: You can use it with one hand too as almost all the functions require the use of only one hand.

Dirt Cup: The dirt cup has a storage area of 0.7L. This isn’t much but if you look at it, it’s feasible under $100. Moreover, you only need to push a button to detach it.

Filtration System: The filtration system of this devices makes sure that no dirt escapes from the grilles. Triple level filtration is meant to trap both large and small particles easily and in one movement.

Best For Cleaning:

Upholstery, low pile carpet, countertops, pet beds, stairs, bare floors.

This best handheld vacuum cleaner is meant to clean the edges of furniture, upholstery, carpets, and vehicle interiors perfectly thanks to its powerful suction. It’s a good and affordable vacuum under 100.

EUREKA WhirlWind Bagless Canister Cleaner NEN110A Lightweight corded vacuum

Also Good

  • Fast, efficient and powerful vacuum.
  • Multi-Surface Vacuum.
  • Cyclone Filtration System.
  • Lightweight And Easy To Maneuver.
  • Washable filter and dust cup.
  • Easy to empty Dust Cup.
  • Automatic Cord Rewind.
  • 2.5L Dust Container, No Maintenance Costs.

Do you need a vacuum cleaner that is detachable and attachable easily? Then you will make the right choice for Eureka NEN110A.

This vacuum is portable and easy to carry without dropping a sweat.

It comes with washable components such as the dust cup and the filter which are reusable. You do not need to go through the hassle of changing sockets while trying to reach other parts of the room since the power cord is 16ft long.

Specifically, this vacuum cleaner is exclusively designed for easy vacuuming with a smooth glide over carpets and hard floors.

You can maneuver vacuum cleaner anywhere around the house including stairs and other hard-to-reach corners. The swivel steering and the telescoping metal wand help in better handling.

The maintenance cost is zero. The vacuum has a bagless design with washable filters that do not require that you change them any time soon.

This product is easy to use with the automatic cord rewind. It helps you spend less time struggling with the cleaner and the cleaning.

As well, you will have the grace to save your valuable time and empty the dust cup with just a button press.

You are a wheelchair user? This vacuum won’t be a problem for you. Just sit, get the hose, and get everywhere cleaned up.

The features are just at your fingerprint. You can control all the Eureka whirlwind canister vacuum functions on the hose handle.

The 2.5l dust cup is large enough to prevent you from emptying the cup all the time.

This is a very versatile vacuum cleaner. It comes with an Eureka whirlwind multi-surface and lightweight 8.29 ounces.

From my investigation, I observed that the vacuum cleaner does not have a great look like the random vacuum cleaners out there. You may not be very cool with the unit or the dust cup that looks like it wants to fall off, but the bells and whistles are pretty fascinating and that compensates for the shape for me.

Aside from the look, you will enjoy using this device with the super effective built wand brush and crevice tools that aid perfect cleaning. This device comes with plenty of suction power with easy adjustment located at the hose handle.

That’s not all; there is a one-year manufacturer warranty. Mine is just more than 3 years now and it works so great as if I just bought it, though I don’t use it to vacuum daily.

If you are tall, there are attachments for you to use the vacuum as an upright. You can definitely avoid back pain when you are running some cleaning services at home.

This machine is just too perfect for people who take cleaning as a business. It is lightweight to carry about and efficient for a satisfying job.

However, this cleaner is just perfect for all apartments with carpets and hard floors.

Best Robot Vacuum Under $100

PureClean Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you do not want to vacuum your home with a canister vacuum or with a handheld vacuum thinking it’s too much of work or time consuming then there’s an even easier option for you, an automatic robot vacuum.

This robot will clean your home along with every nook and cranny like a pro.


  • 3 pattern modes (spiral, auto and edge).
  • Dual brushes that are detachable.
  • Washable dust filter.
  • Sensors to detect cliffs and gaps.


  • Doesn’t go around liquid spills.

Features and Benefits

Safe To Use: This cordless vacuum cleaner works on HEPA technology and traps 99.9% of airborne particles. Moreover, no cat or dog hair remain clogged into the brush because of the powerful suction.

Handsfree Cleaning: All you need to do is push the power button and this robot cleaner will start vacuuming across your home.

Charging And Runtime: On a full battery, this robot vacuum cleaner can run for 50 minutes. Moreover, it only takes 3 hours to completely charge the battery.

Detachable Dustbin: A single push of a button detaches the dustbin for you to empty the contents easily.

2 Spinning Brushes: There robot cleaner comes with two spinning brushes under it to clean every stuck piece of debris and pet hair from carpets and floors.

Cliff Detection: There are sensors built in this cordless robot vacuum cleaner to ensure it works well. They sense gaps in the surface and alert the device. It’s a great feature that makes this robot work on stairs as well.

Best For Cleaning:

Hardwood, tile, indoor furniture, stairs, low pile carpet, dog and cat hair, medium pile carpet.

This cordless robot will offer you a hands free cleaning because you don’t have to do anything but just push a button to make it start vacuuming.

Which Vacuum is best under 100 in 2021?

All the products reviewed are some of the best affordable vacuum cleaners on the market. If we were to choose the top product, we will go with Bissell 2252 because of its one pass technology, multi cyclonic suction and multi filtration system. All of these traits push it at the top of the list.

For a more budget friendly vacuum cleaner, Bissell Zing is a good option as it comes with many free attachable tools and also has great performance when it comes to getting rid of pet hair and other debris.

Our third pick would be Pure Clean Automatic Vacuum as it works on its own. Consider all these options and pick one according to your needs.

best vacuum under 100
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