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best vacuum for stairs
best vacuum for stairs

best vacuum for stairs

Are you frustrated when it comes to cleaning your carpeted stairs? Guess what, you’re not alone.

Carpeted stairs sure enhance the look of your house but keeping them cleaned is not child’s play. You will find everything from hair to furballs to dust hidden on the stairs.

After testing 23 different vacuum cleaners, we recommend Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vacuum (HV 292) as the best vacuum cleaner for stairs.

Our Top Picks for Best Vacuum for Stairs

  • Portable & ultra-lightweight. Less than 4 pounds.

  • True Pet Motorized Brush for handheld deep cleaning.

  • best for stairs, carpeted stairs, pets, upholstery.

  • Specialty cleaning attachments—includes hose, crevice tool, and wide mouth tool.

  • Flexible rubber nozzle great for removing dirt and hair on upholstery, stairs, and in cars.

  • 18-ft. power cord.

  • best for pets, stairs, car and quick clean ups.

  • Triple level filtration to improve cleaning performance.

  • Set of specialized tools includes: Motorized brush tool, upholstery tool, and crevice tool.

  • Ultra lightweight and balanced hand vacuum at just 1.4 pounds for maneuverability and easy cleaning.

  • Tapered nozzle for easy pickup of large debris and fine dust.

  • Ion charging dock for quick access, fast charging and convenient accessory storage.

  • best for auto, upholstery, stairs and pet hairs.

  • Specialized rubber Nozzle attracts hair and pulls out dirt on areas such as stairs and upholstery.

  • 16 feet power cord.

  • Easily converts from stick vacuum to Hand vacuum.

  • Great for hard floors and effective on carpets, Area rugs, stairs, upholstery and more.

  • Lightweight: 2.6 pounds.

  • Upto 60 Minute Runtime.

  • Intelligently optimizes suction and run time across all floor types.

  • Turns into a handheld vacuum.

  • Powerful, lightweight, and versatile at only 14 lbs.

  • Lift Away Canister to clean stairs, furniture.

  • Upholstery Tool, and two lengths of Crevice Tool included for versatile cleaning.

  • Filters are washable and reusable.

  • Cyclonic action and powerful suction provide thorough cleaning.

  • Easily go from cleaning carpets to hard floors with the flip of a switch. 

  • Messy-free Dust Bag Replacement.

  • Weighing only 9 pounds, this vacuum can be easily taken around the house.

  • It combines the functionality of an upright with roller brushes with fingertip controls and easy maneuverability.

best handheld vacuum for stairs

1.Shark Rocket Corded (HV 292) : Best Vacuum for Stairs

Premium Pick

  • Portable and Ultra light weight (4 pounds).
  • TruePet Motorized Brush for wide & deep cleaning.
  • Ultra-quiet powerful suction.
  • 15 foot long power cord.
  • Powerful cleaning above floors, on stairs and in car interiors.
  • Washable filters.

Homeowners who are disgusted with the thought of dragging a heavy vacuum cleaner all over the house can breathe a sigh of relief. They can turn to the best handheld vacuum for carpeted stairs, the Shark Rocket Hv292. No matter if your carpet is messed up with pet hair, dirt, dust, debris or particles, this vacuum can take care of it all.

Ultra Light: It only weighs 4 pounds and puts no strain on your body when you use it even for extended hours. It’s a great vacuum for older people due to this quality. Plus, it also helps people with backache and other such problems since it is very easy to lift, pull and carry.

Easy To Use: Unlike other handheld vacuums, this one isn’t hard to maneuver thanks to it being super light in weight. There’s a 15 feet long cord attached to the vacuum, which some may not find long enough.

TruePet Motorized Brush: The motorized brush spins with great intensity, sucking in every bit of dirt, debris and hair. The stretched hose makes it even easier to sweep places in one go. This is one great feature that makes this the best vacuum for pet hair and stairs.

Powerful Motor: The motor works on 400 watts and is powerful enough to generate a sucking power that can take up the most stubborn of stuck debris and hair from carpets.

Suitable For Multiple Place Cleanings: Thanks to the motorized brush and stretched hose, you can clean carpets, upholstery, car interiors and floors as well.

Dust Cup Storage: When you remove the dust cup, you’ll see the release button on the front. You can take this cup to the bin and empty all the contents easily without messing up anything.
Best For Cleaning
Carpets, rugs, stairs, upholstery.

The hassle of cleaning stairs with a heavy vacuum is too much for some people because it involves carrying and dragging the vacuum. Shark Rocket ends this hassle because it is lightweight and hence is very easy to operate.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 33A1 – best vacuum for carpeted stairs 2020

Budget Corded Handheld

  • Best suitable for auto, stairs, upholstery, hard surfaces and pet hairs.
  • Multi-layer filtration: Cyclonic Cleaning System
  • 16 ft power cord.
  • Specialized rubber nozzle attracts hair and dust out of carpets.
  • lightweight
  • Includes two specially designed nozzles

There are a lot of features that make this vacuum the best of all. Some of these features including cleaning nozzles with amazing suction power, multi layer filtration system, compact size, lightweight and dirt cup facility. What makes this the best handheld vacuum for stairs and pet hairs on the list is its easy mobility and powerful cleaning.

Two Nozzles: The vacuum comes equipped with two different nozzles to perform two different functionalities. The hard nozzle is meant to clean hard surfaces that have dry dirt, debris, hair, food particles, etc. While the contour nozzle is meant to clean softer surfaces such as sofas, drapes etc.

There’s a round button that lets you pick the nozzle that you’d like to use.

Extremely Lightweight: If you’re looking for the best lightweight vacuum for stairs then this handheld vacuum cleaner won’t disappoint as it weighs only 5 pounds. On top of that, since it is a handheld device, it is easy to carry around the house and makes it easy to clean every nook and cranny.

Cyclone Cleaning System: It works on a cyclone cleaning system and generates a whirlwind strong enough to suck in all kinds of particles, big or small. Plus, it can also help clean dry marks and surfaces.

Multi-Layer Filtration: It has a pleated post motor and a filter screen that works together to carry out filtration in multiple layers. This mechanism ensures that top notch filtration is done by the vacuum and no particles are left behind.

Cleans Multiple Places: What makes this the best vacuum for stairs is the fact that it can clean many places including floors, sofas, curtains, carpets and car interiors.

This vacuum cleaner is ideal to clean carpeted stairs because it offers great mobility and makes it easier to clean stairs from edge to edge. Hence, a lot of customers believe it is one of the best vacuum cleaners for stairs.

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3.BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum

Best Cordless Handheld

  • Bagless.
  • Lightweight – 3 pounds.
  • Crevice tool and upholstery tool included.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Cordless.

You won’t find many powerful handheld vacuum cleaners on the market that can clean carpets and pet hair. Out of the few, one is BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum.It is meant to be a powerhouse of a vacuum cleaner that works on a lithium ion battery. It is very easy to maintain and use, which is why many customers believe that it to be one of the best handheld vacuums for stairs and pet hair.

Features and Benefits

Lithium Ion Battery: It comes with a 14.4v rechargeable battery that can operate the vacuum for about 20 minutes. This might not be a lof time for some though.

Easy To Manage: It only takes 8 hours for the battery to charge fully. It comes with an LED indicator to inform you when the battery fully charges. There’s no cradle charger to worry about. Instead, it comes with a plug and play charger that occupies less space and is very easy to use and store.

Ergonomic Handle: A major problem with handheld vacuums is the strain that they put on the body when used for long hours. However, there is no such drawback in case of Bissell Eraser as it has an ergonomic looped handle that makes sure there is no strain on the body.

Improved Maneuverability: This vacuum cleaner can be used with a single hand thanks to buttons on the handles. With a single push of a button, you can detach the dirt cup and other attachments.

Dirt Cup: There’s a dirt cup at the end of the vacuum that is detached with a push of a button. It can store 0.7L of dirt.

Triple Level Filtration: Unlike other vacuum cleaners, you won’t be seeing dirt escaping from the grilles. It works on a triple level filtration. There’s a pleated filter inside that catches both large and small particles. Also, the grille point is away from the nozzle so that dirt taken in doesn’t escape easily and then there’s the felt filter to provide extra layer of filtration.

Shark WV201 WANDVAC Cordless Handheld Vacuum

  • Unbelievable suction delivered by a high speed, brushless motor.
  • Lightweight – 1.2 pounds.
  • Detachable Dust Cup.
  • Fast charging and convenient accessory storage
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.
  • 2.5 hours charging time.
  • Multi surface tool for upholstery, carpets, and pet hair

This Shark cordless handheld vacuum has its own essence when it comes to performance. Thanks to its low weight, it serves good for both floor and ceiling cleanings. Works on a ‘never loses suction’ cyclone technology that separates dust from air.

Features and Benefits

Easy To Use: This is the lightest and of the best hand vacuum for stairs on the list as it weighs only 2 pounds. Other than that, the dimension of the product is only 16.5 x 2.5 x 2.4 inches and there’s a firm handle on the top which lets you maneuver the vacuum with ease, without much strength required.

Twister Suction Technology: This the best shark vacuum for stairs as it works on twister suction technology which is capable of sucking up everything that is in its path. This technology makes it perfect for different surfaces

Multi Surface Tool: There’s a Multi Surface Tool that comes with the vacuum. This brush is meant to clean dirt and debris from carpets and surfaces that are hard to clean. Cherry on top is the fact that this brush is detachable which makes it very easy to clean.

Powerful Battery: It works on a rechargeable lithium battery that operates on 10.8 volts. There might be a slight decrease in power after you continuously use it for 20 minutes but the vacuum still keeps on working.

Great For Cleaning Carpets: Homeowners who have pets in the house have to deal with a lot of hair shedding. This can cause your home to look dirty especially with hair getting stuck to carpets. Under such circumstances, a cordless and lightweight vacuum is your best bet. You can use it to clean all corners and keep your home clean.

Best For Cleaning
Upholstery, carpets, car mats, seats.

It serves as one of the best vacuums for stairs with carpet because it is easy to carry and handle. It provides amazing suction power for more than 20 minutes and doesn’t leave anything behind.

Hoover BH50020PC Linx Stick Vacuum: Best Cordless Vacuum for Stairs

Best in Cordless

  • Fingertip controls.
  • Fade-free lithium-ion battery.
  • Multi Floor Cleaning.
  • Interchangeable batteries.
  • Multi-Floor Electronic Brushroll.
  • Lightweight, Low Profile Design.
  • Weight: 10 pounds.

If you are looking for the portable and best vacuum for stairs and hardwood floors, then look no further as this one works on a WindTunnel Technology for deep cleaning.

It is meant to last longer when operational thanks to the high power lithium batteries it works on.

Features and Benefits

Powerful Suction: The vacuum offers powerful suction power. The good thing about its suction ability is that it doesn’t fade when the battery is low and offers top notch suction.

1 Lithium Batteries: This vacuum cleaners comes with a single battery fade free lithium ion battery. This beauty offers a 25-30 minute runtime, which is quite good. You may use one battery and charge the other.

Accessories: The vacuum comes with multi floor electronic brush roll that are meant to clean different floor types and carpets.

Besides these brushes, there are other accessories too that can be attached to the nozzle to clean vehicle interiors and countertops.

Push Button Dustbin: The dirt accumulated can be discharged by simply pushing a button.

Shark NV356E Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum : Best Vacuum Cleaner for Stairs

Best in upright/handheld

If you’re looking for a great Shark animal vacuum cleaner then your search ends here. This one can clean all kinds of debris, pet hair, dust particles from carpets, stairs, car interiors, upholstery and floors as well. Moreover, its suction power remains constant until the dust bag is full.

  • Ideal for pet hair cleaning from carpets and floors.
  • Affordable.
  • Can be used as an upright vacuum and also as a handheld vacuum.


  • A bit noisy.

Features and Benefits

Lift-Away Feature: With this feature, you can separate the canister from the head by pushing a button and clean hard to reach places.

It turns the upright vacuum into a dust away canister so that you can clean places like stairs, upholstery, drapes, furniture and roofs without any trouble.

Lightweight: Once you separate the vacuum and turn it into a canister, it becomes less heavier and easier to carry. This makes it easier for older people and people with back problems to use the vacuum cleaner.

HEPA Filtration: The HEPA filtration system holds 99.9% dust particles and other allergens that are found in carpets, hardwood floors, rugs etc. This is a great feature as it keeps the environment clean.

Brush Roll: The brush roll on the vacuum can clean bare floors and carpets from every kind of debris, pet hair etc. You can do this by pushing the power brush roll button and letting the powerful suction do its work. This brush roll is attached at the bottom of the cleaner which is perfect to clean carpets.

Longer Cord: It has a 30 feet long cord that makes it easier to clean around your room. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for both smaller and bigger homes.

Good Suction Power: It operates on a never-loses-suction-technology which is meant to pull off the most stubborn of debris and stuck hair on floors and carpets.

Swivel Steering System: The swivel steering system offers smooth handling and doesn’t put any kind of strain even if the user uses it for a long period of time. The maneuvering is flexible whether you use it as an upright vacuum or as a canister.

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is affordable and offers many amazing features then this product is your best bet. It can be used in two ways and is meant to clean many surfaces like a pro.

The Final Verdict

We love all the six options we highlighted above, but our personal favorites for cleaning stairs and smaller scale cleaning is Bissell pet hair Corded or Shark HV292. It offers many features and cleans like no other vacuum cleaner on the list. Cordless Shark Pet Hair and Bissell Pet Hair are also good options for this type of cleaning.

If you want a vacuum cleaner that can do it all then we recommend Hoover BH50020PC Cordless or Shark NV356E (Affordable Complete Vac) as they can clean carpets, stairs, countertops, rugs, vehicle interiors, furniture’s, drapes etc. They may be a bit pricey but the suction they provide is quite powerful.

However, as we stated earlier, you should pick one based on your needs. Check the factors such as price, features, cord/cordless option, etc., before making a purchase for the best vacuum cleaner for carpeted stairs.

best vacuum for stairs
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