How to Clean Windows & Outdoor Floor

how to clean windows and outdoors

How to Clean Windows?

Do you have ever looked at the windows after rainy season? They become very dirty. The condition of outdoor floor is also same.Therefore, this is important to take steps to clean the outdoor floor and windows regularly specially in the spring season.

In order to clean the windows, you will some items. The stuffs are followed-

  1. A Steam Machine
  2. Water
  3. Terry towels
  4. Step Ladder


First of all, you will need to fill the steam machine with water. Wait for a while to warm the water. When the water is warm enough, attach the squeegee brush in the machine.

Now it’s time to use the steam machine for cleaning the windows. You will need to move the squeegee it an upward style. Don’t go for upward and downward because this makes the window odd. You should follow the upward trend to get good result.


When the steam gets off the window, you will need to use a rag. Use the rag for cleaning the extra water and dirt from the window. You should start it from the bottom of the windows.


Use the towel in order to clean the window. Wipe the remaining water from the window.

That’s it! Your window cleaning process is completed very easily. However, you should check the steam machine settings. Don’t let the water too hot to work!

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Outdoor Floor Cleaning

Do you have a yard outside of your home? Then, this is important to keep the outdoor floor clean too! Outdoor floor also includes garage floor and yard floor.


First of all, remove all the objects from floor to clean it. You may have a mate or shoe cabinet outside of the door. For garage floor, you might have many things.


You can use a broom for cleaning the floor. However, you should use the right type of broom for outdoor floor. Otherwise, it can’t clean the outdoor hard floor very easily.

A professional cleaning appliance can work in a better way. Take a vacuum cleaner that works well and quickly. However, you will need to assure that the vacuum is capable of cleaning outdoor floor. Some of the vacuums do not work for outdoor floors.


You do not need to worry about the broom for cleaning. However, you will need to customize the settings for outdoor vacuum cleaner. You should select the right vacuum accessory and settings to work properly.

Don’t forget to clean the vacuum bag before you are starting. Also, you should be careful because any sharp object can harm your vacuum too!


These are the process to keep your outdoor neat and clean. You should not think about your indoor only. When your outdoor also remains clean, it will leave a cool impression to others. Therefore, you should not think twice for cleaning the outdoor floor. Cleaning once or twice outdoor floor is enough for any home.

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