4 Tips for Washing your Dog

dog washing tips
dog washing tips

dog washing tips

Is there really a certain way you should wash your dog?

Not specifically, but there are a few tips that will help your dog get cleaner with every wash.

4 Tips To Wash Your Dog

  1. Brush First – Brushing your dog first will pull out loose hair, dirt and if you have a long haired dog, hair nests.  This will make it easier to clean your dog.
  2. Good Shampoo – Good shampoo is more important that you think.  Dogs, just like humans, can have sensitive skin and poor quality shampoo can do damage to your dog.
  3. Rinse Rinse Rinse – When rinsing your dog be sure that you rinse him/her until the water runs clean.  If there is still soap suds then keep on rinsing.  Dry soap can cause itching and rashes for your dog.  You do not want that.

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  1. Treats – Lastly is treats.  If your dog is well behaved in the bath, give him a treat.  This is great especially if you have a dog that is wild during bath time.  They will learn that if they are good they get a treat.  It will take some time to train them but keep it up.
simple dog washing tips

simple dog washing tips

There you go, 4 tips to giving your dog a bath.
Just to note… it is not recommended that you take your dog into the backyard and simply spray them down with a hose while they wildly run in the yard.  That does not count as getting a bath.  It counts as getting rained on.
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