5 Biggest Mistakes You Make When Using a Vacuum Cleaner

mistakes you make while using a vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner is one of the most important appliances for cleaning. This device always provides a good and simple way to clean your furniture, surface and stairs quickly. In addition, this is a machine that ensures to suck all the dust in your home and make it suitable for living. However, many of us do not know how to use the vacuum cleaner properly. We often do mistake when using a vacuum cleaner. These mistakes are very frequent and normal for the new beginners. But, some experienced users are also making the same mistakes because they do not know about it. The mistakes reduce the efficiency of the device as well as its durability.

Therefore, we are here to highlight 5 biggest mistakes that you are making when using a vacuum cleaner.

Don’t Empty the Bag Until Full

Some of the users are not aware of emptying the bag before starting to clean the home. This is a must to empty the bag when it reaches in three-quarters. Many modern vacuums also provide a “check bag” light. However, this is safe to watch manually to empty before it gets full. Are you using a bag less vacuum cleaner? Then, you should check your dust cup and empty it regularly. When you will keep the bag empty before cleaning, it will increase your machine’s suction power.

Not Changing the Filter in Time:

Many of us do not like to change the filter because it adds maintenance cost of the machine. But, this is really important to change the filter when it is clogged with grime. If you do not change the filter in time, the machine will lose its efficiency to suck dust properly.

You do not need to replace the filter as frequently as you do for your bags. You can change the dirty filter in every 6 months or every sixth bag change time. Are you confused to purchase the best filter suitable for your machine? Then, check the manufacturer’s manual so that you can get the recommended filter.

Don’t use proper Attachment

You should always use the attachments especially crevice tools and brushes. The attachments help to clean the surface and furniture quickly and easily. You can’t expect to have a clean home without using a proper attachment for proper the purpose.

Rewinding Retractable Cord in wrong way

Rewinding the retractable cord is one of the best features of the vacuum cleaners. This helps to storage the cord very quickly. However, you should not press the rewind button for quick cord storage. Instead, you will need to hold the cord in your hand and then, press the button. Any obstacle during the rewinding time can hamper the total mechanism.

Not Removing Tangled Items

You should remove the tangled items before cleaning. Otherwise, they can easily hamper the motor and reduce efficiency. As a result, your brush roll might stop working properly. As a result, use the appropriate brush in your vacuum to remove them for properly.


These are the top 5 mistakes that most of the vacuum users do. Do you have done any of the mistakes before? Then, you should stop doing the same; otherwise, your vacuum cleaner will not support you for a long time!



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