How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors Fast and Easy ?

how to clean laminate floors

If you have a beautiful laminate floor in your home, you probably want to keep it shining without having to spend too much time with it, making the quest of finding out how to clean laminate wood floors in a fast and easy manner while keeping them looking great for an extended period.

how to clean laminate floors

how to clean laminate floors

The main advantage of this type of flooring is that while being good looking it doesn’t need all the care that a regular wooden floor would. While the flooring itself will last for many years, it’s not as easy to keep the gloss it has and avoid the streaks that usually come from washing it.

Our Basic Plan on How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors

The cleaning process in itself is straightforward, but it’s essential for you to get the right materials. The regular cleaning process should always be with an object that has a soft brush in the end. Steam mops or high-quality vacuums are ideal in here. The use of steam is beneficial, as it’ll remove any bacteria that you may have in your flooring without any need to use special products.

The use of products should be kept to a minimum as even though they’re made to get the floor shining, its overuse may deteriorate it.

One very important note is that some manufacturers have special requirements for the products you can and can’t use on your floor to keep the warranty. Some brands of cleaners will get your warranty voided. While some products will produce much better results than the ones the brand requires you to use, you should consider everything before making a decision.

how to clean laminate wood floors

How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors –The Scratches

For you to avoid any scratches appearing you should be careful with the materials, you use for cleaning. There are also some other solutions you may take into consideration to prevent scratches. Putting a pad on the furniture legs will allow the floor to keep itself scratch free for much longer.

In areas, where there is the most pressure (the sitting areas) you should consider placing a rug underneath. This is great for both avoiding scratches and making any drink spilling accidents less serious.

Avoid sliding any furniture. Try to lift it instead.

best canister vacuum for laminate floors

If the scratches do happen, though (and even with all the care in the world it’s perfectly natural that they will), you can use a scratch remover product that will cover those scratches with a new layer of a material that has about the same color and pattern that you’d find on your floor. Just make sure you get the right product here to avoid any color variations that would draw a lot more attention to the area.

Knowing how to clean laminate wood floors fast isn’t something difficult, but it’s certainly something you need to do the smart way to avoid damaging your floor.

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