Top 5 Common Misconceptions Concerning Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Best Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hairs

Now, after going over a summarized version of the facts, let’s go over our canister vacuum myths and deal with them.


  1. All Canister Vacuum Cleaners are super-expensive. While canister vacuums are almost always pricier than the other vac types, they are by no means out of everyone’s reach. There are plenty of companies nowadays that focus on the development of low priced, yet very solid and reliable models. If you are looking for cheap canister vacuum cleaners, the most obvious choices would be Eureka, BISSEL and Dirt Devil.
  2. Canister Vacuums are very heavy and impractical, which makes them difficult to navigate and unable to deal with stairs. Again, this is partly true and partly false. Due to their larger size, bigger dust storage, and heavier motors, canisters obviously are going to be pretty heavy in comparison to handheld models, for example. However, no self-respecting vacuum company is going to produce impractical, heavy models in the current day. Sure, way back in the past there were very heavy canister models that you would not want to ever pick up, but with today’s technology, nobody should have issues carrying their home vac around unless they have undergone recent medical problems. If you are looking for maneuverable and lightweight models, turn your attention towards Dyson, Eureka, Miele and Dirt Devil.
  3. Canisters are a Jack of all trades, but master of none. This is one of the easiest to dismiss vacuum myths, as it is blatantly obvious that if given the correct attachments a canister vacuum cleaner can deal with any task just as well as a specialized model. However, if you do not own the proper specialized tools for your model, it will have a lot of trouble. In the end, it all comes down to your own preparation and knowledge here, as most canister vacs offer attachments for any situation.
  4. There are no green canister vacuums. A lot of “green” oriented sources seem to heavily push this idea around when in reality it is very untrue. While there aren’t all that many green canister vacuum models yet, they do exist. There are models with lower energy consumption, producing low amounts of extra garbage (bagless models) and offering great filtration. For such models, you can look in the lines of Electrolux.
  5. The bagged versus bagless canister vacuum debate. There are a lot of conflicting articles out there with half of them praising the bagged models and the other half the bagless ones. In reality, both have their ups and downs. Since it is a rather lengthy topic, we have written a separate article about it – Bagless Canister Vacuum Versus Bagged Models.

Obviously, there are many more misconceptions and myths surrounding the canister vacuum cleaners, but our space is limited and we can only cover so much in one go. Hopefully this article has helped you understand the way in which they function a bit better and will allow you to judge for yourself whether or not you need a canister in your home. Canister Vacuums are best suited for pet hairs and hardwood floors.

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