Bathroom Tile Flooring Tips

bathroom tile flooring tips
bathroom tile flooring tips

bathroom tile flooring tips

Whether you are upgrading your bathroom or it is a new one, tile flooring works well to improve its design.  Bathrooms are believed to be the most expensive rooms both in structure and design in a house since they are important for relaxation.  When designing or renovating this all important room, remember that you cannot afford replacements regularly and so you need some practical advice so that you can do a good job that will last for a prolonged period of time.  It is also important to keep in mind that bathrooms have to endure heat, steam and moisture always.


Tips on bathroom tile flooring

  • Consider the durability of the product under wet, damp and hot conditions.
  • Go for long tiles since these create a greater sense of space in your bathroom.
  • Also use different colors and patterns to give a spacious look.
  • Choose neutral color for the tiles.
  • Design the bathroom yourself by injecting your creativity into it.  This gives your style statement to the users of this bathroom.
  • Ensure your bathroom gives a spa effect as this is soothing.

Attributes of bathroom tile floors

  • Color – warm colors like beige reflect a huge amount of light and cleanliness in your bathroom.
  • Slip resistant – since the bathroom will be wet most of the time, the tiles used should be slip resistant to reduce cases of accidents at home.
  • Easy to maintain – they should be easy to repair and also dry fast when cleaned.
  • Inviting – you should be able to feel comfortable and relaxed immediately you get into the bathroom.
  • Grout – should be clear and it is advisable that you choose the right shade.

Bathroom tile flooring products

There are many available durable and distinctive tile flooring materials and design ideas that you can bring to your bathroom.  These include porcelain, marble and ceramic tile flooring.  There are also new designs like mosaic, pebbles, liquid lava, and glass accent and travertine bathroom floor tiles. Do your homework to learn the pros and cons of each of these tiles so that you can make an informed decision and the right choice.

You can also consider using heated bathroom tile floor.   Some tiles or stone flooring can be heated to give you a warm feeling when you step in the bathroom.  These provide a great start in the morning and it is more welcome after a busy day at night.  You can use electrical floor heating to warm the floor and the room and is also a cost effective.

If you intend to decorate your bathroom with potted plants and chrome fixtures, choose a tile floor that will substitute your style and blend in well with your additions.

However, ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most popular because they are both

  • Fire resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Durable and have high resistance to wear and tear and chipping
  • Do not provide a breeding for bacteria and microbes

Tiles make a statement about you and you therefore need to spice up your bathroom with fancy tiles.  Decide the best theme for your bathroom and choose tiles appropriately so that they can match with it.  Let the bathroom tile floor inspire you and help enjoy a bath.  In any case, tiles add sophistication and a luxurious taste to this great room.

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