How to get rid of Carpet Mold

get rid of carpet mold
get rid of carpet mold

get rid of carpet mold

Homes were flooded for a long period of time and by the time the water had withdrawn, the heavy mold growth made the air in most homes practically unsafe to breathe.

During the recovery effort, reporters and clean-up teams were equipped with respirators, while numerous homes were tagged as unfit to live in because of the huge amount of toxic mold. Even if we have had only limited previous experience with household mold, we all realized all of a sudden that we are dealing with a potentially serious threat to our health and general safety.

However, there is another problem as well, that many people might not be fully aware of. Unfortunately, mold can equally affect houses that had never experienced flooding. There are numerous homes with serious mold problems which never had water damage at all. Residential mold, even if present only in small amounts, might be extremely risky to human health.

The Centers for Disease Control claim that mold in fact can be responsible for numerous health problems, including major lung infections and nasal congestion. Mold exposure in several cases can lead to skin, eyes, throat and nasal passage irritation. Furthermore, mold exposure can also cause major complication in people with chronic respiratory problems and weakened immune systems. As a conclusion, household mold is a serious issue, which should not be neglected.

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Basically, mold is directly related to moisture and is able to grow on any surface or anywhere in the air. Mold is commonly found in our homes mostly in the kitchen, bathroom, near doors and windows or in any other places with high humidity. There is one particular area of your house that you need to pay extra attention when it comes to mold growth, is the carpet. Shag carpet mold growth generally occurs as a result of wet foot traffic (especially in bathrooms with carpet) or doors and windows that cannot stop moisture to enter and descend towards the (carpeted).

No need to despair, as the mold from your carpet cam easily removed by specialized carpet cleaning service. A simple shampoo or standard steam-clean would suffice for carpeted stairs just simply cannot remove mold, as it needs professional equipment and skill set. You need to call a carpet cleaning service that also provides mold removal and specifically ask for such service when you call them.

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